Time-Honoured Traditional Curing

Our foundations of quality come from respecting the time-honoured traditions of ancient artisanal meat and fish curing that have been refined and perfected throughout Europe over hundreds of years.

Our process incorporates only the best Australian export approved suppliers, very simple ingredients, and a slow, cold-smoking process. Being true to the craft, knowing the trade and consistently repeating the method is the secret to the authentic, award-winning quality products for which we have become renown.

It is the initial introduction of salt to the meat which commences the preservation process by lowering the water content (effectively dehydrating the meat) via osmosis. This technique was established in antiquity to preserve food for consumption during the colder months, reducing the moisture content essentially eliminates the potential for food spoilage. This new dynamic the alters the composition of the meat, enhancing and dispersing the flavour throughout.

The Process

At Pialligo Estate we work only with farmers who uphold sustainable horticulture practices and deliver the freshest meat. And we only place our orders to meet demand of the ensuing fortnight.

Produce is passionately cared for from the moment it arrives on site…Upon arrival to the smokehouse, the pork for our bacon is unpacked and rubbed with our own dry rub, a combination of salt, sugar, and fresh herbs and spices from Pialligo Estate farm.

It is then rested at approximately 5 degrees, absorbing the salt and complex flavours of the dry rub, effectively dehydrating the meat. Once the meat is the right colour, it is carefully transferred and hung in the smoker chamber. The cold-smoking process sees the meat smoked at a temperature of between 20-26 degrees for between 6-48 hours.

This time-honoured practice dates back to the era of our forefathers, when the preparation and preservation of meat was a way of life and sustenance. Although the hands of time and technology have sculpted many aspects of our modern world, we have not introduced any processes or machines to reduce preservation time or artificially flavour our products. At Pialligo Estate Smokehouse we have upheld the traditional cold-smoking process and are consistently striving to produce world class products.

Pialligo Estate Academy: The Art of Curing and Smoking Produce

Learn the lost art of curing and smoking at our upcoming class on 26 September 2018. Book now.

Spend some time with our Smokehouse Manager learning curing methods and mixes for your favourite foods. The secrets to hot and cold smoking will be revealed and how these techniques change your product. You will cure a loin of ham with your choice of herbs and spices to take home to the family!

Our Facility

Our smokehouse facility comprises a custom-built cold-smoker imported from the UK. The smoke produced is the result of smouldering, slow-burning (8 hours) European beechwood woodchips. These woodchips are essential in creating a very delicate, gentle, sweet and creamy aroma, which is then slowly absorbed by the meat creating an incredible flavour and aesthetic that has seen our products become internationally recognised.

100% Australian Made

Multi-Award Winning

While it is rewarding to be recognised for achieving the outcomes we desire, the effort we go to, in submitting our products into the worlds most notable awards programs is because it is the best way to be systematically assessed by internationally acclaimed industry leaders and benchmarked against our peers. The results of these awards programs provides us with the impetus to continually strive for improvement and move forward into new markets.

*Pialligo Estate remains the only producer in Australia to win back-to-back gold medals for Best Smoked Bacon in Australia (2014, 2015) at the Sydney Royal Fine Foods Awards.

**In 2015 & 2016 Pialligo Estate Smokehouse bacon was one of only 7 producers in the world to receive two-stars for our full-rasher of smoked bacon (there were no 3 stars awarded) at the Great Taste Awards in London.

Great Taste London


We slice and package all our products onsite, and within 48 hours they are dispatched to our stockists and traders using our products. This ensures products are of the highest quality and freshest condition for consumption.

Click here for our lists of stockists and traders.

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